Carpet Cleaning West Bountiful UT

carpet cleaning West Bountiful UT
At Prestige Carpet Cleaning we strive to give our clients the best cleaning experience possible. From the initial phone call to rendering services your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. We do perform carpet cleaning in West Bountiful UT for both residential and commercial clients. Whether we are cleaning your home, office, rental property, empty home or business we are here to serve your needs.

Carpet Cleaning – What We Can Do For You.

  • Prespray: We apply an earth friendly, baby and pet safe cleaning solution to start breaking down the oils and soils in the carpet.
  • Agitation: In moderate to heavy soil conditions we will use additional agitation to help break down the oils and soils in the carpet, making them easier to remove
  • Spot Removal: We have a wide range of spotting products for those stubborn spots that may need some extra attention.
  • Rinsing: Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment produces rinsing solution 50° hotter and has double the vacuum than basic truck mounts. This equates to a clean, soft, residue free carpet with shorter drying time.
  • Speed Drying: We pride ourselves on our equipment being able to produce short dry times. We do offer speed drying for an additional cost should you need to use the area(s) sooner than our estimated dry times. Please ask your technician for details regarding this.

Pet Odor Removal

Many of us have loving pets that are not so loving to our carpets. We have incredible odorcide cleaning agents and tools that remove and sanitize the toughest problems. That being said we still do not guarantee 100% odor removal. Two reasons for no guarantee: 1. Certain people’s memories to odors can be very powerful while many may not smell the odor the one emotionally moved by the smell may always smell a hint. 2. You have to fully remove the source of the odor that the bacteria are feeding on and causing the smell. The source often times has passed the carpet fibers and into the backing of the carpet, into the padding, and even into the subfloor. We treat and clean carpet fibers but the source can be much deeper depending on the severity of the problem.

Carpet Protection

We do offer a topical carpet protection that gives an invisible layer of protection. This invisible layer fills the dye sites so that liquids and dry soil cannot bond to them. The average life of carpet is 6-8 years. Carpet protection can help your carpet last 50% longer giving you another 3-4 years of life with your carpet. Carpet protectant is not ‘bulletproof’ – regular vacuuming, and carpet maintenance is still needed.

For any other questions you may have we recommend reading our frequently asked questions page.