Tile Cleaning

Are you looking for a tile cleaning expert? Prestige Carpet Cleaning of Centerville is your #1 choice for tile cleaning. Our cleaning machine and tools make quick work of removing built up soil, dirt, oils on your tile floors and the grout lines. Give us a call today to schedule your tile cleaning appointment – 801-296-6630.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

  • Sweeping – First we will remove any large debris by sweeping your floor and getting it ready for cleaning. There are many instances where this is not necessary but when it is we want to make sure we get those small details.
  • Prespray – We have a cleaning solution formulated for tile and grout cleaning. This solution penetrates into the grout breaking up the oils, soils, and dirt so that they can be removed. Our cleaning solution is environmentally safe for your home, children, and pets.
  • Scrubbing – When we need a little extra elbow grease we will scrub the grout lines to help our cleaning solution break up the soil. The grout is the most stubborn to get clean and at times we need the extra help of our grout brush.
  • Washing/Rinsing – After we have let our cleaning solution dwell and scrubbed up the grout lines, we will take our tile cleaning tool and wash/rinse the floor with it. Our tile cleaning tool is a disk apparatus that gives us the benefits of a power washer and a large vacuum all at the same time. It is self contained so there is no mess, only beautiful clean tile floors.
  • Drying – After we have cleaned your tile floor we will ensure it is dry by using our quick drying fans so there is no chance of you slipping in any puddles.
  • Sealing – We do offer grout sealing and we high recommend it in areas that get high traffic. The tile sealer penetrates into the grout lines forming a barrier that does not allow liquids or soils to penetrate and stain the grout.

Tile Cleaning FAQ

Q: What results can we expect from your tile cleaning service?

A: We have a high success rate when it comes to tile cleaning. There are some factors that can affect the end result. If your tile and grout was sealed after installation, the chance of getting great results increases exponentially. If you have ever applied wax to your floor, normal cleaning solutions will not respond and we will have to properly restore your tile and grout floor by removing the wax. You can expect an 80-90% improvement of your overall tile and grout floor, spills such as koolaid, wine, and other liquids may have stained your grout permanently and some shadowing can remain.

Q: Can’t I clean the floor myself, why should we call you?

A: You can absolutely clean your own tile floors. What many of our clients find is that it is hard work without the proper tools and products. Anytime you would like tile maintenance tips, please let us know. We love serving all of our clients but we want to enable you to properly keep your tile and grout floor clean for as long as possible.

Q: Why should we have you seal our grout, can’t we just put wax on it?

A: We run into this quite a bit and here is the issue with apply wax to tile and grout. Over time the wax breaks town and it starts to peel – giving your floor an uneven appearance. It will also start to yellow over time and soil becomes harder and harder to remove as well. We have to remove the wax first to even get to the dirt which is an added process and much more expensive than maintenance cleaning. Our sealer penetrates into the grout creating a barrier so that liquids cannot penetrate and stain and it does not break down like wax does.

Q: How often should we have our tile and grout floors cleaned?

A: We recommend having your tile and grout floors cleaned every 12-18 months just like carpet cleaning. In commercial settings such as a restaurant, that cleaning frequency would significantly increase.