Upholstery Cleaning


Did you know you can have your upholstery / furniture cleaning in your home? Every week we are more and more surprised that many of our clients do not know that upholstery can be professionally cleaned. Already have a carpet cleaning appointment scheduled? No problem, just let the technician know you would like us to look at your furniture and we can give you a no obligation estimate. Call us today for your upholstery estimate – 801-296-6630. Why You Should Have Prestige Carpet Cleaning Clean Your Upholstery Upholstery is made of various fiber types and textures. Most upholstery is what we call “family furniture” where it is meant to take the wear and tear from heavy use. Just like carpet, upholstery needs to be cleaned and those damaging soils removed to prolong the life of your furniture. Upholstery fabric is much thinner than carpet and is more susceptible to staining. Natural fabric or “special care” upholstery(cotton, wool, or a blend of these with synthetic material) is even more at risk for staining and damage due to built up soiling. The natural fibers will absorb the oils from your hair and skin as well any liquids very quickly. Protecting Your Furniture We call apply a fabric protecting product that will build a barrier on the thing vulnerable fabric. This will help protect it from oils and soiling causing permanent damage and protects your investment. The protector also does a great job at repelling small amounts of liquids(dribbles and drips) from wreaking havoc on your furniture as well.  We can also apply the protector to your upholstery when it is brand new from the store adding years of life to your investment. Call today to schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment – 801-296-6630.